Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015

2015-06-30 Helen Babbs

The Ed Fringe runs from the 7 to 31 August this year and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. We've combed through the listings and picked out all the puppetry on offer.

Beverley Puppet Festival 2014

2014-07-08 Beverley Richmond – festival coordinator

This weekend's Beverley Puppet Festival is the biggest yet. Here the festival organisers help preview the packed programme.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014

2014-06-11 Helen Babbs

The Fringe officially begins on the 1 August and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. Happily, the Puppet Centre team has combed through the bulky brochure and picked out all the puppetry that’s on offer.

Five puppetry premieres – FIRSTS 2014

2014-03-04 Alexander Winfield

Featuring five puppet shows by up-and-coming professional companies, the FIRSTS festival returns to the Little Angel later this month.

Devoted and Disgruntled – discussing the future of puppetry

2013-11-21 Linda Lewis, Director of the Puppet Centre

Linda Lewis, Director of the Puppet Centre, wants your ideas. And a Devoted and Disgruntled event on 11 December 2013 will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Suspense London Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-10-02 Nigel Luck

Showcasing work specifically for adults, this packed festival offers London audiences some outstanding visual theatre plus a selection of workshops, talks and screenings. Peter Glanville discusses directing the festival, his last hurrah for the Little Angel Theatre.

Total immersion – writing for puppetry

2013-09-25 Helen Babbs

Famous for its residential writing courses in remote locations, this November will see Arvon venture into the world of puppetry for the first time.

Skipton International Puppet Festival 2013

2013-09-11 Eleanor Margolies

At the end of September, a picturesque town in Yorkshire will host an intense three-day burst of puppetry with a strong international presence.

Going native – Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes

2013-09-06 Matt Jackson

As a non French speaker, is it worth going to a puppetry festival in France? Looking back at Biennale International des Arts de la Marionnette and ahead to Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes, we explore the joys and challenges of international visual theatre festivals.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-07-31 Helen Babbs

International puppetry acts will flood into Bristol at the end of August, as the city’s biennial puppetry festival begins. Producers Rachel McNally and Chris Pirie talk about the process of putting on a festival.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013

2013-07-24 Helen Babbs

The Fringe officially begins on the 2 August and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. Happily, the Puppet Centre team has combed through the bulky brochure and picked out all the puppetry that’s on offer.

Tête à Tête 2013 cntd.

2013-07-20 Helen Jauregui

This summer's Tête à Tête festival includes an opera based on a short story by Fyodor Dostoyevksy, which features a large crocodile rod puppet as its star

Tête à Tête 2013

2013-07-19 Helen Jauregui

This summer's fringe opera festival opens with ‘Gala’ – a new puppet opera co-produced by The Puppet Centre Trust and Tête à Tête.

Puppets on Film Festival 2013

2013-03-28 Louise Radinger, curator of Puppets on Film

Running over a long weekend in April, this festival will showcase shorts, features and documentaries that use live-action puppetry, ranging from Jim Henson's 'The Dark Crystal' to Svankmayer's 'Punch and Judy'.

testing project

2013-03-20 martin


Animated Exeter Festival 2013

2013-02-06 Helen Jauregui

An independent festival celebrating the beautifully diverse world of animation, where everything from stop motion and CGI, to shadow puppetry and live animation, can be enjoyed at venues across the city.

Manipulate Festival 2013

2013-01-30 Gareth Vile

Affirming the value of object manipulation, and moving the next generation of artists into the public domain, the upcoming Manipulate Festival promises 14 days of excitement, intelligent theatre and provocation.

SPILL Festival 2012

2012-10-26 Helen Babbs

The SPILL Festival of performance launches in Ipswich next week, offering five days of experimental theatre and live art from a host of international performers.

London International Animation Festival 2012

2012-10-10 Helen Babbs

London International Animation Festival returns on the 25th October. It’s the UK’s largest festival of its kind, with 280 films from 30 countries and 10 competitive categories, featuring the whole spectrum of creative animation.

The Turner Prize 2012

2012-10-02 Helen Babbs

Puppetry features in this year’s Turner Prize at Tate Britain. Spartacus Chetwynd has been nominated for her solo exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, London.

When puppetry meets opera

2012-09-12 Helen Babbs

The myriad possibilities and challenges of combining puppetry and opera will be explored in detail over the next few weeks, and especially at a pioneering ‘Puppetry in Opera’ event in November.

'Fearful Symmetry' - Ruairi Glynn

2012-08-17 Helen Babbs

Within the subterranean bowels of The Tanks, something primitive animates the darkness of Tate Modern’s dramatic new gallery space. Don't miss Ruairi Glynn's dramatic new robotic installation next week.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

2012-08-01 Helen Babbs

The Fringe begins this weekend and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. Happily, the Puppet Centre team has combed through it and picked out all the puppetry that’s on offer.

Puppetry at the Shoreditch Festival

2012-07-20 Helen Babbs

Get down to De Beauvoir Gardens for a rolling programme of events that includes Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter, an installation promising object animation, light-and-shadow theatre and puppetry.

The Beverley Puppet Festival 13-15 July 2012

2012-07-05 Helen Babbs

For two marvellous days and three magical nights, an east Yorkshire town will be taken over by puppets.

Staging War Horse Exhibition


Staging War Horse is a new exhibition which, for the first time, tells the full behind-the-scenes story of the creation of War Horse. It takes visitors through each stage of the production process in detail using designs, costume, models, puppets and film.