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High artifice and self-deception

2012-11-14 Helen Babbs

What happens when you combine objects and operatics? Over a day of illustrated talks at the Barbican, practitioners from the puppetry and opera worlds shared their experiences and thoughts on why the two can be combined to powerful effect.

Critical Voices Programme

2012-11-02 Helen Babbs

Critical Voices is a short programme starting in December that's designed to skill-up new critics to take on the burgeoning visual theatre scene, particularly puppetry. Find out more and how to apply.

Strings attached

2012-09-26 Randy Ginsburg

Join Randy Ginsberg as he spends two highly strung weeks training to be a marionettist. "We played with short string marionettes to get us started, which hang from about shoulder height to the floor. Most of us felt like we were lugging around a broken body on strings."