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Acting with animations – an interview with Shamira Turner

2014-12-22 Helen Babbs

Shamira Turner plays lead character Robert Robertson in 1927's new show 'Golem', now playing at London's Young Vic. We quiz her about what it's like to act with animations.

London International Animation Festival | 'Rocks in My Pocket'

2014-10-24 Alexander Winfield

Premiering at LIAF 2014, this animated feature length film explores the depths of depression.

Kid Koala’s 'Nufonia Must Fall' – Live

2014-08-18 Helen Jauregui

Equal parts cinema, puppet theatre and gig, this innovative show from scratch DJ Kid Koala is based on his graphic novel of the same name.

Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Paradise Lost' – Paul Van Dyke

2014-08-15 Beth Crane

Puppets, animation and a rock 'n' roll soundscape combine in this innovative adaptation of Milton's epic poem.

Ed Fringe 2014 | ‘Malasombra’ – Au Ments Dance Company

2014-08-08 Katharine Kavanagh

Dance and cartoons combine in a piece that blends live choreography with shadow and projection imagery.

Puppetry and World War One

2014-07-21 Helen Babbs

Is puppetry a particularly effective way of exploring the challenging issues of the so-called Great War? We talk to Handspring, Les Enfants Terribles and Metta Theatre to find out.

'Kiss & Cry' – Charleroi Danses

2014-06-25 Jungmin Song

A touching ballet of hands that uses miniature animation, live film and projection.

'The Light Princess' – National Theatre

2013-11-10 Helen Jauregui

A grown-up panto boasting aerial effects, fantasy puppets and memorable songs.

‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' – The Tiger Lillies

2013-09-06 Helen Babbs

A musical interpretation of Coleridge's epic poem, the highlight of this show is the Python-esque animated set, which features puppetry, mask and circus.

Animating theatre – an interview with Mark Holthusen

2013-08-26 Helen Babbs

A prolific photographer and film maker, Mark Holthusen’s most striking project is surely his recent venture into animation with 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. Ahead of the show’s London debut, Holthusen talks about animating for live theatre.

'Feral' – Tortoise in a Nutshell | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-21 Darren East

Technically sophisticated, this show uses live paper animation to lay the creative process bare.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-07-31 Helen Babbs

International puppetry acts will flood into Bristol at the end of August, as the city’s biennial puppetry festival begins. Producers Rachel McNally and Chris Pirie talk about the process of putting on a festival.

'The Trench' – Les Enfants Terribles

2013-05-28 Helen Jauregui

A claustrophobic depiction of life in the trenches, where large rod puppets and shadow animation help to create an unearthly atmosphere.

'Noggin the Nog' – Third Party Productions

2013-04-13 Helen Jauregui

A reimagining of a classic TV series aimed at families, this production mixes live action, rod and glove puppetry and animation to create the weird and wonderful Land of Nog.

'The Tinderbox' – Norwich Puppet Theatre

2013-04-03 Kristin Fredricksson

An imaginative production that tells Hans Christian Andersen's tale using all kinds of different types of puppetry, animation and projection.

How to be an animator – an interview with Barry JC Purves

2013-02-22 EJ Stedman

Prolific director, writer and animator Barry JC Purves talks to Animations Online about spontaneity, industry brownie points and why puppets need never compete with CGI.

'Consuming Spirits' – Chris Sullivan | Manipulate Festival

2013-02-08 Helen Babbs

Spiralling alcoholism, game hunting, neglect and gardening are the themes that flow through this feature-length animation shot frame by frame on 16mm, which brings 2D paper puppets, toy cars, old photos and pencil drawings to life.

Animated Exeter Festival 2013

2013-02-06 Helen Jauregui

An independent festival celebrating the beautifully diverse world of animation, where everything from stop motion and CGI, to shadow puppetry and live animation, can be enjoyed at venues across the city.

Manipulate Festival 2013

2013-01-30 Gareth Vile

Affirming the value of object manipulation, and moving the next generation of artists into the public domain, the upcoming Manipulate Festival promises 14 days of excitement, intelligent theatre and provocation.

The theatre film hybrid – an interview with Paul Barritt

2012-12-19 Helen Babbs

As ‘The Animals and Children Took to the Streets’ returns to the London stage for a third time, 1927’s film maker Paul Barritt talks to Animations Online about his work, explaining why the combination of live action and animation is a such a heady one.

London International Animation Festival 2012

2012-10-31 Helen Babbs

Like puppetry, animation is slowly being taken more seriously as an adult art form that allows filmmakers to tackle subjects in ways live action never could.

London International Animation Festival 2012

2012-10-10 Helen Babbs

London International Animation Festival returns on the 25th October. It’s the UK’s largest festival of its kind, with 280 films from 30 countries and 10 competitive categories, featuring the whole spectrum of creative animation.