Keyword: child friendly

'Swanhunter' – Opera North and The Wrong Crowd

2015-04-09 Penny Francis

A dreamy opera for young people, featuring arresting puppetry and magical lighting.

'Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby' – Movingstage

2015-03-21 Helen Babbs

A marionette performance for kids featuring the long-eared trickster.

'The Possible Impossible House' – Forced Entertainment

2014-12-18 Helen Babbs

Sheets of cardboard, simple projections and homemade sound effects combine in this show for kids.

'Clouds' – Aracaladanza

2014-07-28 Alexander Winfield

Family friendly dance show inspired by the surreal paintings of Magritte, featuring joyful object and shadow work.

'Fireside Tales with Granddad' – Pickled Image

2014-07-06 Helen Jauregui

Pickled Image's signature style puppets deliver a family friendly, homely sort of a show.

'The Jungle Book' – Indigo Moon

2014-06-19 Helen Jauregui

Innovative and intricate shadow work bring a much loved children's tale to life.

'Invisible Giant' – Feral Theatre

2014-05-29 Darren East

An ambitious, if rather raw, piece of theatre for kids presented at this year's Brighton Fringe.

'Rubbish' – Theatre Rites

2014-04-17 Song Jungmin

A visually accomplished piece of children's theatre that uses puppetry to bring some rather attractive discarded objects to life.

'Shakespeare: The Puppet Show' – The Puppet Story

2014-04-15 Beth Crane

Engaging and educational family theatre that uses a variety of puppetry techniques to celebrate Shakespeare.

'The Red Balloon' – String Theatre

2014-04-03 Alexander Winfield

As romantic as it is traditional, this delightful marionette production has a gentle, bittersweet charm.

'At the End of Everything Else' – Unicorn Theatre

2014-04-01 Penny Francis

A bicycle powered production for over eights featuring small scale puppets and live animation.

The play's the thing – exploring the V&A's puppetry collection

2014-03-17 Helen Babbs

Ahead of a Shakespeare themed show using characters from the V&A's puppetry collection, we meet writer and performer Allison Ouvry who has been given unique access to the archive.

'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs' – Les Petits Theatre Company

2014-02-17 Celia Mendizabal

High production values, storytelling, singing and some puppet-playing combine in this hyperactive adaptation of an award winning children's book.

'Jim Henson, the Biography' – Brian Jay Jones

2014-01-28 Penny Francis

Offering us the life story of one of puppetry's greats, this biography explores the inner workings and outer achievements of a man with a huge heart and an enduring legacy.

'The Elephantom' – National Theatre

2013-12-13 Celia Mendizabal

A colourful piece of family theatre that unfolds like an animated storybook and stars the huge ghost of an elephant.

Creating the Elephantom – an interview with Toby Olié and Finn Caldwell

2013-12-04 Celia Mendizabal

As ‘The Elephantom’ opens at the National Theatre’s Shed, we talk to co-directors Toby Olié and Finn Caldwell about creating a new play with a huge ghost puppet as its star.

'The Night Before Christmas' – Little Angel Theatre

2013-11-23 Celia Mendizabal

A festive adventure story, featuring inventive shifts in scale and a lively original score.

'The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean' – Shona Reppe Puppets

2013-11-02 Beccy Smith

Multi sensory and masterfully designed, this is an original and captivating show executed with wit and style.

Skipton International Puppet Festival 2013

2013-09-11 Eleanor Margolies

At the end of September, a picturesque town in Yorkshire will host an intense three-day burst of puppetry with a strong international presence.

'The Man Who Planted Trees' – Puppet State Theatre Company

2013-08-23 Helen Babbs

Using a modest mix of live action, glove and tabletop puppetry, two master storytellers transport us to the dusty, windswept home of a shepherd with a tree planting habit.

'The Red Tree' – Featherweight Theatre | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-19 Darren East

This performance uses object theatre to deliver a visually creative interpretation of an award winning children's book about depression

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-07-31 Helen Babbs

International puppetry acts will flood into Bristol at the end of August, as the city’s biennial puppetry festival begins. Producers Rachel McNally and Chris Pirie talk about the process of putting on a festival.

'Bank On It' – Theatre-Rites

2013-06-27 Song Jungmin

An immersive piece of theatre for kids, this production uses puppets and objects to tackle financial and environmental issues.

'Fish Pie' - Colossal Crumbs

2013-05-31 Ellen de Vries

Inventive shifts in scale and a menagerie of colourful characters combine in this endearing production.

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' – Little Angel Theatre

2013-05-18 EJ Stedman

Wooden rod puppets bring Michael Rosen's well loved book to life, with catchy songs provided by Barb Jungr.

'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' – The Opera Group and Opera North

2013-05-17 Isobel Smith

Simple shadow puppetry and ingenious masks combine beautifully in this enchanting opera adapted from the novels of Philip Pullman.

'Nice' – Folded Feather

2013-04-28 Helen Jauregui

A menagerie of puppets feature during this bizarre adventure down the pipe of a fantastical machine, including a life size whacky professor and a little girl carved from smooth wood.

'The Girl With No Heart' – Sparkle and Dark

2013-04-20 Kristin Fredricksson

A powerful piece inspired by child victims’ accounts of the atomic bombings in Japan at the end of the Second World War, using shadows, masks on hands, half-body puppets with human legs and paper cranes of all sizes.

'Noggin the Nog' – Third Party Productions

2013-04-13 Helen Jauregui

A reimagining of a classic TV series aimed at families, this production mixes live action, rod and glove puppetry and animation to create the weird and wonderful Land of Nog.

'Crazy Hair' – Bamboozle Theatre

2013-04-07 Helen Jauregui

Playful energy, various puppets and plenty of colourful props combine in this adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular picture book ‘Crazy Hair’.

'The Tinderbox' – Norwich Puppet Theatre

2013-04-03 Kristin Fredricksson

An imaginative production that tells Hans Christian Andersen's tale using all kinds of different types of puppetry, animation and projection.

The Big Grin Symposium

2013-03-13 EJ Stedman

“Tradition is not tradition because it is old, but because it is alive.” As Mr Punch celebrates his 350th birthday, a host of academics and practitioners from around the world gathered to discuss the meaning and relevance of the great sinner in 2013.

Prehistoric puppetry – an interview with Erth

2013-03-06 Celia Mendizabal

Erth is a Sydney based theatre company that recently brought ‘Dinosaur Petting Zoo’ to London. Scott Wright, the Artistic Director, tells us about the company, the show and the Australian puppetry scene.

'Dinosaur Petting Zoo' – Erth

2013-02-18 Celia Mendizabal

‘Dinosaur Petting Zoo’ is an excuse to bring some extinct creatures back to life and offers young audiences the chance to interact with some magnificent dinosaur puppets.

'There's a Monster in my Piano' – Garlic Theatre

2013-02-16 Helen Jauregui

A 45 minute frolic where jazz and comedy meet pure fun, ‘There’s a Monster in my Piano’ uses animation, hand and glove puppetry to charm its young audience.

Animated Exeter Festival 2013

2013-02-06 Helen Jauregui

An independent festival celebrating the beautifully diverse world of animation, where everything from stop motion and CGI, to shadow puppetry and live animation, can be enjoyed at venues across the city.

'Dogs Don't Do Ballet' - Little Angel Theatre

2012-12-09 Isabel Lyster

Delicate rod puppetry is used to tell the story of a dog who dreams of being a ballet dancer, in this funny production for 2-6 year olds.

‘Pinocchio’ – Little Angel Theatre

2012-11-24 Helen Babbs

Mixing mask and rod puppetry, this Little Angel Theatre production of 'Pinocchio' charts the journey of one of the world’s best known puppets from wood to flesh over a series of simple but increasingly sinister episodes.

‘Miss Ophelia’ - Het Filiaal

2012-11-01 Eleanor Margolies

Het Filiaal play with a mixture of live performance, toy theatre and shadows. The two performers move with brio between different scales and viewpoints.

'The Tear Thief' - Little Angel Theatre

2012-09-29 Helen Babbs

A shimmering puppet seated on an orb of moonlight hovers across a dusky stage, shared with a lone musician and his cello. It’s a magical beginning to a simple tale, which unfolds between the hours of supper and bedtime.

'Ma Biche et mon Lapin' - Collectif Aïe Aïe Aïe | Edinburgh 2012

2012-08-22 Simon Hart

Sometimes the best theatrical treasures of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are the small and perfectly formed ones, often hidden away in unusual performing spaces. Such was 'Ma Biche et mon Lapin'.

Edinburgh Voices III

2012-08-20 Shona Reppe

Voices is a series of interviews with puppeteers performing at this year’s Fringe. Here Shona Reppe tells us about taking The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean to the festival. "Hallelujah for parents who take their kids to the Fringe - pick me, pick me!!"

'Cloud Man' - Ailie Cohen | Edinburgh 2012

2012-08-14 Eleanor Margolies

This delicate production is thoughtful, beautifully designed and structured. It invites the audience to pay attention to familiar things and find magic there.

Olympian Puppetry

2012-07-26 Liat Rosenthal

Amid all the build-up of the past few months and the sporting activity to come, there have been some incredible animated offerings – from puppets out and about in the community to epic street performance on a grand scale.

'The Flycycle and Submercycle' - Pif-Paf

2012-07-14 Zelda Hannay

These are two madcap cycle contraptions that showcase Pif-Paf’s wonderful ability to create beautiful but functional objects around which a theatrical world can revolve.