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'Red Riding Hood, and the Wolf who tried to eat her' – Movingstage

2015-01-31 Helen Babbs

A new version of the classic tale, this marionette production has atmosphere and depth.

Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Bears in Space' – Collapsing Horse

2014-08-15 Beth Crane

A riotous comedy show featuring astronaut bears and some well thought out shadow work.

'Clouds' – Aracaladanza

2014-07-28 Alexander Winfield

Family friendly dance show inspired by the surreal paintings of Magritte, featuring joyful object and shadow work.

Puppetry and World War One

2014-07-21 Helen Babbs

Is puppetry a particularly effective way of exploring the challenging issues of the so-called Great War? We talk to Handspring, Les Enfants Terribles and Metta Theatre to find out.

'Fireside Tales with Granddad' – Pickled Image

2014-07-06 Helen Jauregui

Pickled Image's signature style puppets deliver a family friendly, homely sort of a show.

'Father Nandru and the Wolves' – Wiltons Music Hall

2014-03-25 Penny Francis

Energetic and energising, this memorable puppetry piece is suffused with gypsy music and folk romance.

'Thinking It and Fainting' – Grist to the Mill | Suspense 2013

2013-10-26 Helen Jauregui

An exploration of one woman’s domestic life and her quest to find milk for a cup of tea, this residency piece features an ethereal rod puppet and an ever-changing kitchen monster.

Suspense London Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-10-02 Nigel Luck

Showcasing work specifically for adults, this packed festival offers London audiences some outstanding visual theatre plus a selection of workshops, talks and screenings. Peter Glanville discusses directing the festival, his last hurrah for the Little Angel Theatre.

Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres 2013

2013-10-01 Celia Mendizabal

From sublime street theatre to invite-only premieres, the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres offers audiences an overwhelming amount of puppetry over nine days.

Shape shifter – an interview with Jeremy Bidgood

2013-09-13 Leslie Burton

The new chair of British UNIMA, and one of the brains behind Pangolin's Teatime and the Great Puppet Horn, Jeremy Bidgood talks about his influences and the future of UK puppetry.

The Smoking Puppet Cabaret – Bristol Festival of Puppetry

2013-08-31 Helen Jauregui

Glamourous stripteases, macabre stunts and magic all make for a late night puppet cabaret with a smouldering atmosphere.

'Pendulum's Bargain Emporium' – Maison Foo | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-21 Darren East

Using a mix of puppetry and live action, this show turns 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' into a potent satire about child labour and consumerism.

'Birdhouse' – Jammy Voo | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-20 Darren East

Clowning, physical theatre and delightful hand puppetry combine to tell the story of the minor characters from Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

'Slapdash Galaxy: 3D' – Bunk Puppets | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-19 Darren East

Masterful, simple shadow puppetry abounds in a show that sparkles somewhere between storytelling, theatre and stand-up.

'The Red Tree' – Featherweight Theatre | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-19 Darren East

This performance uses object theatre to deliver a visually creative interpretation of an award winning children's book about depression

'It’s Dark Outside' – Perth Theatre Company & Weeping Spoon | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-18 Darren East

Live action, projection and skilled puppetry deliver a sophisticated and emotionally rich exploration of human experience.

'The Trench' – Les Enfants Terribles

2013-05-28 Helen Jauregui

A claustrophobic depiction of life in the trenches, where large rod puppets and shadow animation help to create an unearthly atmosphere.

'The Firework-Maker's Daughter' – The Opera Group and Opera North

2013-05-17 Isobel Smith

Simple shadow puppetry and ingenious masks combine beautifully in this enchanting opera adapted from the novels of Philip Pullman.

'The Girl With No Heart' – Sparkle and Dark

2013-04-20 Kristin Fredricksson

A powerful piece inspired by child victims’ accounts of the atomic bombings in Japan at the end of the Second World War, using shadows, masks on hands, half-body puppets with human legs and paper cranes of all sizes.

'The Engineer's Thumb' – Dotted Line Theatre

2013-03-21 Celia Mendizabal

Based on a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this is an original and captivating adaptation that combines inventive, varied puppetry techniques, romantic horror and subtle humour to great effect.

Hunting the duck – a hand shadow workshop

2013-03-20 Kristin Fredricksson

This winter, a workshop with Drew Colby introduced us to the complex yet familiar world of hand shadows, where we hunted for the creatures in our hands and discovered it's a secret art into which initiation is necessary.

'Letter's End' – Wolfe Bowart | London International Mime Festival

2013-01-24 Helen Jauregui

A fast-paced one man show that delivers a quirky bundle of puppetry, circus, film, magic and mayhem, and showcases the epic skill set of a Cirque du Soleil trained clown.

'The Nightingale' – Horse + Bamboo

2012-12-15 Beccy Smith

Beautiful but soporofic storytelling is on offer in this visually arresting adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's dark tale, which uses puppetry, mask and shadows.

High artifice and self-deception

2012-11-14 Helen Babbs

What happens when you combine objects and operatics? Over a day of illustrated talks at the Barbican, practitioners from the puppetry and opera worlds shared their experiences and thoughts on why the two can be combined to powerful effect.

Critical Voices Programme

2012-11-02 Helen Babbs

Critical Voices is a short programme starting in December that's designed to skill-up new critics to take on the burgeoning visual theatre scene, particularly puppetry. Find out more and how to apply.

‘Miss Ophelia’ - Het Filiaal

2012-11-01 Eleanor Margolies

Het Filiaal play with a mixture of live performance, toy theatre and shadows. The two performers move with brio between different scales and viewpoints.

How to make a Circus Bear

2012-09-20 Drew Colby

The action is influenced by the way in which one hand can create part of one character while the other hand creates part of a second character, allowing interactions to occur. Sometimes two hands rapidly transform from one animal into another.

'The Great Puppet Horn' - Pangolin's Teatime | Edinburgh 2012

2012-08-27 Rebecca Davis

Billed as ‘South Park meets Newsnight with a whole load of cardboard’, this company’s use of popular film, comic book imagery and surreal humour belies intelligent satire and a complicated story, which was intricately brought to a conclusion.

'Angus - Weaver of Grass' - Horse + Bamboo | Edinburgh 2012

2012-08-22 Raven Kaliana

The story unravels as an old man pulls a bit of grass from his pocket and begins to twist it together in his hands. Throuhgout, the puppets have a rough, folk-art quality, while shadow puppetry and projections are used to illuminate an inner world.

Edinburgh Voices I

2012-08-08 Jeremy Bidgood

Voices is a series of interviews with puppeteers performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.Here Jeremy Bidgood tells us about taking the Great Puppet Horn to the festival. "We will be living by our wits, gathering by day and hunting by night."

Puppetry at the Shoreditch Festival

2012-07-20 Helen Babbs

Get down to De Beauvoir Gardens for a rolling programme of events that includes Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter, an installation promising object animation, light-and-shadow theatre and puppetry.