Keyword: Mime Fest 2014

'What's Become of You?' – Compagnie 111 | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-30 Helen Babbs

Raw dance, vivid shadow-play and a flamenco dress with a mind of its own combine in this intimate portrait of an artist.

'Forget Me Not' – Compagnie Philippe Genty | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-17 Nigel Luck

A visually inventive show, exploring the nature of memory and relationships through unusual dance, mask and puppetry.

Silent speech – an interview with Rachael Savage

2014-01-13 Helen Jauregui

Ahead of their Mime Festival show, the artistic director of Vamos Theatre talks in-depth about the extraordinary process of creating full mask theatre.

'Vortex' – Company Non Nova | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-11 Katharine Kavanagh

Experiments with wind and plastic delight and disturb in this Mime Festival show.

Dancing with the wind – an interview with Phia Ménard

2014-01-08 Katharine Kavanagh

Founder of Company Non Nova, Phia Menard discusses working with wind and plastic ahead of two shows at the London International Mime Festival.