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La dernière danse de Brigitte at Skipton Puppetry Festival

2017-10-01 Addya Panayiotou

Whilst at Skipton Puppetry Festival, our reviewer Addya also goes to see La dernière danse de Brigitte (by Zero en Conducta, Spain). 

Cryptid Petting Zoo by Headstrung

2017-09-10 Tobi Poster

Tobi Poster reviewed some shows for Animations Online as part of the Bristol Puppetry Festival. 

La Causeuse by EQUIVOC

2017-09-10 Tobi Poster

Tobi Poster sees La Causeuse by EQUIVOC at Bristol Puppetry Festival. 

Ipet by BonteHond

2017-09-02 Tobi Poster

Tobi Poster reviews for Animations Online from Bristol Festival of Puppetry. 

Parachute by Stephen Mottram

2017-09-02 Tobi Poster

Tobi Poster reviews Parachute by Stephen Mottram at The Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2017.

'Biting the Dust' - Grist to the Mill

2015-11-02 Alexander Winfield

An enthralling, dark and sensory meditation on mortaltiy.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015

2015-06-30 Helen Babbs

The Ed Fringe runs from the 7 to 31 August this year and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. We've combed through the listings and picked out all the puppetry on offer.

'The Wild Man of Orford' – Rust & Stardust

2015-05-29 Alexander Winfield

An ambitious puppet production that tells the astounding tale of a captured merman.

FIRSTS Festival – Little Angel Theatre

2015-03-20 Alexander Winfield

Four brand new puppet shows for adults were premiered at this year's FIRSTS festival.

'Animated Nightmares' – Robert Morgan | Manipulate 2015

2015-02-03 Sian Kidd

An award winning filmmaker presents an evening of animation designed to make you shiver.

'Noodles' – NoFit State Circus | London International Mime Festival

2015-01-27 Celia Mendizabal

A fast paced and feel good performance where strings of pasta take centre stage.

‘Institute’ – Gecko | London International Mime Festival

2015-01-17 Catherine Alexander

An exisquite dance piece with dynamic puppetry that explores the doctor/patient divide.

'Amortale' – Circus Ronaldo | London International Mime Festival

2015-01-16 Alexander Winfield

A gloriously chaotic production inspired by the fairground theatres that wandered Europe a hundred years ago.

'Divinely Human' – Moonymelty Theatre

2014-11-28 Alexander Winfield

A double-bill of short plays, packed with laughs, talent and ideas.

'The Greatest Liar in All the World' – Familia de la Noche

2014-11-18 Helen Babbs

A dark comic riff on the Pinocchio story with some surprisingly poignant parts.

London International Animation Festival | 'A Rapid Love Story'

2014-10-31 Alexander Winfield

A bonkers but brilliant feature length stop motion animation from Estonia, tackling the plight of refugees.

London International Animation Festival | Late Night Macabre

2014-10-29 Alexander Winfield

An anthology of animated shorts that delve into the darker dimensions of human existence.

London International Animation Festival | 'Rocks in My Pocket'

2014-10-24 Alexander Winfield

Premiering at LIAF 2014, this animated feature length film explores the depths of depression.

'Ubu and the Truth Commission' – Handspring Puppet Company

2014-08-29 Jungmin Song

A poignant and dignified revival of a 1997 play with puppets that explores political transition in post-apartheid South Africa.

Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Paradise Lost' – Paul Van Dyke

2014-08-15 Beth Crane

Puppets, animation and a rock 'n' roll soundscape combine in this innovative adaptation of Milton's epic poem.

Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Sleeping Beauty' – Cie Akselere

2014-08-12 Beth Crane

A touching and visually imaginative performance, featuring shadow work, rod puppetry and object theatre.

Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Dr Longitude's Imaginary Menagerie' – Les Enfants Terribles

2014-08-11 Beth Crane

A camp, ridiculous romp through a zoo-full of fictional creatures and their peculiar keepers.

Ed Fringe 2014 | ‘Malasombra’ – Au Ments Dance Company

2014-08-08 Katharine Kavanagh

Dance and cartoons combine in a piece that blends live choreography with shadow and projection imagery.

Beverley Puppet Festival 2014

2014-07-08 Beverley Richmond – festival coordinator

This weekend's Beverley Puppet Festival is the biggest yet. Here the festival organisers help preview the packed programme.

'Invisible Giant' – Feral Theatre

2014-05-29 Darren East

An ambitious, if rather raw, piece of theatre for kids presented at this year's Brighton Fringe.

Five puppetry premieres – FIRSTS 2014

2014-03-04 Alexander Winfield

Featuring five puppet shows by up-and-coming professional companies, the FIRSTS festival returns to the Little Angel later this month.

'Immigrants!' – The Great Puppet Horn | Suspense 2013

2013-11-02 Helen Babbs

Shadow puppetry is used to riff off contemporary concerns like climate change, economics and, of course, immigration.

'All He Fears' | Movingstage Marionette Company | Suspense 2013

2013-10-27 Celia Mendizabal

Long string marionettes are used to tell Howard Barker's story of a wretched philosopher who conjures up all his nightmares in one day.

'Thinking It and Fainting' – Grist to the Mill | Suspense 2013

2013-10-26 Helen Jauregui

An exploration of one woman’s domestic life and her quest to find milk for a cup of tea, this residency piece features an ethereal rod puppet and an ever-changing kitchen monster.

Suspense London Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-10-02 Nigel Luck

Showcasing work specifically for adults, this packed festival offers London audiences some outstanding visual theatre plus a selection of workshops, talks and screenings. Peter Glanville discusses directing the festival, his last hurrah for the Little Angel Theatre.

Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres 2013

2013-10-01 Celia Mendizabal

From sublime street theatre to invite-only premieres, the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres offers audiences an overwhelming amount of puppetry over nine days.

Skipton International Puppet Festival 2013

2013-09-11 Eleanor Margolies

At the end of September, a picturesque town in Yorkshire will host an intense three-day burst of puppetry with a strong international presence.

Going native – Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes

2013-09-06 Matt Jackson

As a non French speaker, is it worth going to a puppetry festival in France? Looking back at Biennale International des Arts de la Marionnette and ahead to Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes, we explore the joys and challenges of international visual theatre festivals.

'Munch and Van Gogh' – Ulkrika Quade Company

2013-08-31 Helen Jauregui

Fine art, fame and talk show absurdity combine beautifully in a unique homage to two great, dead artists.

'Pendulum's Bargain Emporium' – Maison Foo | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-21 Darren East

Using a mix of puppetry and live action, this show turns 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' into a potent satire about child labour and consumerism.

'Feral' – Tortoise in a Nutshell | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-21 Darren East

Technically sophisticated, this show uses live paper animation to lay the creative process bare.

'Slapdash Galaxy: 3D' – Bunk Puppets | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-19 Darren East

Masterful, simple shadow puppetry abounds in a show that sparkles somewhere between storytelling, theatre and stand-up.

'The Red Tree' – Featherweight Theatre | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-19 Darren East

This performance uses object theatre to deliver a visually creative interpretation of an award winning children's book about depression

'HAG' – The Wrong Crowd | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-18 Darren East

A stunning full body puppet is the highlight of this promising but flawed delve into Slavic myth and horror.

'It’s Dark Outside' – Perth Theatre Company & Weeping Spoon | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-18 Darren East

Live action, projection and skilled puppetry deliver a sophisticated and emotionally rich exploration of human experience.

'Dustpan Odyssey' – Compagnie Philippe Genty | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-18 Darren East

A tabletop performance conjured from found objects, this playful version of an epic classic is full of surprises.


‘L’après-midi d’un Foehn’ – Company Non Nova | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-16 Katharine Kavanagh

Elemental animation at its most simple and powerful, this short performance breathes life and poetry into the humble plastic bag.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-07-31 Helen Babbs

International puppetry acts will flood into Bristol at the end of August, as the city’s biennial puppetry festival begins. Producers Rachel McNally and Chris Pirie talk about the process of putting on a festival.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013

2013-07-24 Helen Babbs

The Fringe officially begins on the 2 August and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. Happily, the Puppet Centre team has combed through the bulky brochure and picked out all the puppetry that’s on offer.

'Fish Pie' - Colossal Crumbs

2013-05-31 Ellen de Vries

Inventive shifts in scale and a menagerie of colourful characters combine in this endearing production.

'The Trench' – Les Enfants Terribles

2013-05-28 Helen Jauregui

A claustrophobic depiction of life in the trenches, where large rod puppets and shadow animation help to create an unearthly atmosphere.

'Occasionally Ovid' – Helen Ainsworth

2013-05-11 Jeremy Bidgood

There is a lot to like in this raucous one woman show that tears through three myths from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ at break-neck speed using grotesque Gerald Scarfe style hand and body puppets.

Puppets on Film Festival 2013

2013-03-28 Louise Radinger, curator of Puppets on Film

Running over a long weekend in April, this festival will showcase shorts, features and documentaries that use live-action puppetry, ranging from Jim Henson's 'The Dark Crystal' to Svankmayer's 'Punch and Judy'.

‘The Nose’ – Carnival of Objects

2013-03-17 Kristin Fredricksson

An energetic and exuberant performance, where a huge array of well-crafted puppets, animation and live music combine to tell Gogol's surreal story.

'Killing Roger' – Sparkle and Dark

2013-03-13 Helen Jauregui

A 60-minute leap into the life of a housebound old man, which glitters with ethical dilemmas but retains plenty of room for superb dialogue and the odd joke.

Animated Exeter Festival 2013

2013-02-06 Helen Jauregui

An independent festival celebrating the beautifully diverse world of animation, where everything from stop motion and CGI, to shadow puppetry and live animation, can be enjoyed at venues across the city.

Manipulate Festival 2013

2013-01-30 Gareth Vile

Affirming the value of object manipulation, and moving the next generation of artists into the public domain, the upcoming Manipulate Festival promises 14 days of excitement, intelligent theatre and provocation.

'The Cardinals' – Stan's Cafe | London International Mime Festival

2013-01-14 Kristin Fredricksson

An ambitious project with a deliberately naïve style, this performance races through the whole Bible and beyond, to the Crusades and right up to today's suicide bombers.