Keyword: circus

'Noodles' – NoFit State Circus | London International Mime Festival

2015-01-27 Celia Mendizabal

A fast paced and feel good performance where strings of pasta take centre stage.

'The Greatest Liar in All the World' – Familia de la Noche

2014-11-18 Helen Babbs

A dark comic riff on the Pinocchio story with some surprisingly poignant parts.

'Leviathan' – Living Structures

2014-07-17 Alexander Winfield

Physical theatre inspired by Melville’s 'Moby Dick' featuring puppetry, circus, live music and spoken word.

'Apocrifu' – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

2014-01-25 Song Jungmin

Dance, object play and music combine in a spiritually enticing but ideologically troubling performance.

'The Light Princess' – National Theatre

2013-11-10 Helen Jauregui

A grown-up panto boasting aerial effects, fantasy puppets and memorable songs.

'Birdhouse' – Jammy Voo | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-20 Darren East

Clowning, physical theatre and delightful hand puppetry combine to tell the story of the minor characters from Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

‘L’après-midi d’un Foehn’ – Company Non Nova | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-16 Katharine Kavanagh

Elemental animation at its most simple and powerful, this short performance breathes life and poetry into the humble plastic bag.

'Letter's End' – Wolfe Bowart | London International Mime Festival

2013-01-24 Helen Jauregui

A fast-paced one man show that delivers a quirky bundle of puppetry, circus, film, magic and mayhem, and showcases the epic skill set of a Cirque du Soleil trained clown.

‘Harlekin’ – Derevo | London International Mime Festival

2013-01-16 Leslie Burton

A puppet-master hangs up his toy performers and then stomps off. Is what comes after only in the minds of the puppets? This is visual theatre at its most maddening, haunting and virtuosic.