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'Puppet Master' - Paul Zerdin

2012-10-03 Matthew Isaac Cohen

Gobo stars and Las Vegas style revue music set the scene for Bloomsbury Theatre’s launch of English ventriloquist Paul Zerdin’s autumn tour, 'Puppet Master', sharing the bill on this occasion with the comic juggler Ben Langley. Ventriloquism has indeed become a starry art once again.

The Bauhaus, Puppets and Play

2012-07-21 Jeremy Bidgood

For the Bauhaus, puppets offered the opportunity to play. Getting back to a childlike idea of playing was seen as a way of stimulating the imagination and creativity.

'Crow' - Handspring Puppet Company UK

2012-06-21 Jeremy Bidgood

In front of a placental like projection, a scrawny, new-born crow struggles to its feet atop a mound of earth. It slowly gains control of its extremities as more puppeteers come to its aid