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A Heart at Sea - Half a String

2018-03-23 Caroline Partridge

A Heart at Sea charts the story of a young boy who throws his heart out to sea following the death of his sister, and his subsequent quest to retrieve it. The show is an original offering from designer and puppeteer Peter Morton, & musician and writer Avi Simmons, who make up the company Half a String.

'Dead Dog in a Suitcase' – Kneehigh

2014-09-04 Cariad Astles

A fabulously macabre show based on the 'Beggar's Opera', featuring puppetry and acrobatics.

‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' – The Tiger Lillies

2013-09-06 Helen Babbs

A musical interpretation of Coleridge's epic poem, the highlight of this show is the Python-esque animated set, which features puppetry, mask and circus.

Animating theatre – an interview with Mark Holthusen

2013-08-26 Helen Babbs

A prolific photographer and film maker, Mark Holthusen’s most striking project is surely his recent venture into animation with 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. Ahead of the show’s London debut, Holthusen talks about animating for live theatre.

Composing puppet opera - an interview with Ergo Phizmiz

2013-07-26 Helen Jauregui

Musician, writer and artist Ergo Phizmiz talks about his role as composer for the forthcoming puppet opera ‘Gala’.

Work in progress

2013-07-25 EJ Stedman

What's the point of a 'scratch night'? Does showing work in progress and inviting feedback from a live audience help or hinder performers?