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'Dogugaeshi' – Basil Twist | London International Mime Festival

2015-01-29 Jeremy Bidgood

A New York-based puppeteer recreates and reimagines a now nearly extinct Japanese theatrical form.

Suspense London Festival of Puppetry 2013

2013-10-02 Nigel Luck

Showcasing work specifically for adults, this packed festival offers London audiences some outstanding visual theatre plus a selection of workshops, talks and screenings. Peter Glanville discusses directing the festival, his last hurrah for the Little Angel Theatre.

Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres 2013

2013-10-01 Celia Mendizabal

From sublime street theatre to invite-only premieres, the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mezieres offers audiences an overwhelming amount of puppetry over nine days.

Going native – Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes

2013-09-06 Matt Jackson

As a non French speaker, is it worth going to a puppetry festival in France? Looking back at Biennale International des Arts de la Marionnette and ahead to Le Festival Mondial des Theatres des Marionnettes, we explore the joys and challenges of international visual theatre festivals.

'Munch and Van Gogh' – Ulkrika Quade Company

2013-08-31 Helen Jauregui

Fine art, fame and talk show absurdity combine beautifully in a unique homage to two great, dead artists.

'There's a Rabbit in the Moon' – Vélo Théâtre

2013-02-15 Eleanor Margolies

The intense performance is structured by the logic of the dream. Toys, everyday objects, song lyrics, words from old stories and onomatopoeic sounds – all have equal status as things on stage.

'Schicklgruber… Alias Adolf Hitler’ – Stuffed Puppet Theatre | Manipulate Festival

2013-02-09 Helen Babbs

A one-man show using muppet-style puppets, which tells the infamous story of the final moments of Hitler, Eva Braun, Goebbels et al in their underground bunker.

‘Miss Ophelia’ - Het Filiaal

2012-11-01 Eleanor Margolies

Het Filiaal play with a mixture of live performance, toy theatre and shadows. The two performers move with brio between different scales and viewpoints.

London International Animation Festival 2012

2012-10-10 Helen Babbs

London International Animation Festival returns on the 25th October. It’s the UK’s largest festival of its kind, with 280 films from 30 countries and 10 competitive categories, featuring the whole spectrum of creative animation.

Puppetry at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

2012-08-01 Helen Babbs

The Fringe begins this weekend and the list of what’s on is, as ever, endless. Happily, the Puppet Centre team has combed through it and picked out all the puppetry that’s on offer.

'Translunar Paradise' - Theatre Ad Infinitum

2012-01-17 Matt Jackson

Theatre Ad Infinitum's latest production is performed by a talented trio combining the techniques of classic mask work, dance, Feldenkrais movement, Lecoq physical training, circus skills and cabaret.