Keyword: dance

'Constellations' – Aracaladanza

2015-04-04 Alexander Winfield

A riotous and remarkable celebration of colour and wonder inspired by the work of Miró.

'Dead Dog in a Suitcase' – Kneehigh

2014-09-04 Cariad Astles

A fabulously macabre show based on the 'Beggar's Opera', featuring puppetry and acrobatics.

Ed Fringe 2014 | ‘Malasombra’ – Au Ments Dance Company

2014-08-08 Katharine Kavanagh

Dance and cartoons combine in a piece that blends live choreography with shadow and projection imagery.

'Missing' – Gecko Theatre | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-31 EJ Stedman

A beautiful dance piece that evolves into something more obscure, this mime fest show features a show-stealing bunraku puppet.

'What's Become of You?' – Compagnie 111 | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-30 Helen Babbs

Raw dance, vivid shadow-play and a flamenco dress with a mind of its own combine in this intimate portrait of an artist.

'Forget Me Not' – Compagnie Philippe Genty | London International Mime Festival

2014-01-17 Nigel Luck

A visually inventive show, exploring the nature of memory and relationships through unusual dance, mask and puppetry.

'Bastard!' – DudaPaiva Company | Suspense 2013

2013-11-02 Nigel Luck

Great puppet theatre meets great physical theatre, and existentialism, in this solo piece featuring large foam puppets.

‘L’après-midi d’un Foehn’ – Company Non Nova | Edinburgh 2013

2013-08-16 Katharine Kavanagh

Elemental animation at its most simple and powerful, this short performance breathes life and poetry into the humble plastic bag.

'The Crocodile' – Llywelyn ap Myrddin

2013-08-15 Helen Jauregui

A comic opera with bite, based on a short story by Dostoyevksy and featuring an impressive rod puppet star.

'Headcase' – Touched Theatre

2013-07-14 EJ Stedman

An affecting performance blending puppetry and contemporary dance, 'Headcase' tackles mental health issues with honesty and humour.

'The Tinderbox' – Norwich Puppet Theatre

2013-04-03 Kristin Fredricksson

An imaginative production that tells Hans Christian Andersen's tale using all kinds of different types of puppetry, animation and projection.

‘Drifters’ – Strange Arrangements

2013-03-24 EJ Stedman

An experimental. ambitious and wordless performance that is as much dance, mime and symphony as it is puppet theatre, and is an example of interdisciplinary theatre at its best.

'Fearful Symmetry' - Ruairi Glynn

2012-08-17 Helen Babbs

Within the subterranean bowels of The Tanks, something primitive animates the darkness of Tate Modern’s dramatic new gallery space. Don't miss Ruairi Glynn's dramatic new robotic installation next week.