The Beverley Puppet Festival 13-15 July 2012

For two marvellous days and three magical nights, an east Yorkshire town is to be taken over by puppets. The fifth Beverley Puppet Festival runs from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 July and boasts 22 ticketed events in three different venues, plus lots of free outdoor performances. The programme is packed with things to delight children and families but this year has a strong adult offering too, with five evening shows aimed squarely at grown-ups.

The festival kicks off with a comic Friday night double-bill at the Armstrong Social Club featuring The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre (an Edinburgh Fringe sell out) and Pangolin’s Teatime’s satirical shadow puppet show, ‘The Great Puppet Horn.’

On Saturday, Indefinite Article’s ‘The Chalk Giants’ will involve live animation, shadow puppetry, poetry and song for those who are five or older. That evening, Stephen Mottram presents ‘The Seas of Organillo’, where puppets will apparently swim through our deepest Freudian oceans.

On Sunday ‘Little Red Robin Hood’ by Garlic Theatre will mix-up two fairy tale classics for children, while ‘House’ by Sophie Krog Theatre (Denmark / Spain) – the festival’s international offering – promises comic puppet horror of the glove puppet kind.

Festival director Anna Ingleby is excited that adults will be catered for as well as children . “I've got used to being laughed at when I suggest that puppets can be for grown-ups too” she says. “But…people are beginning to understand that puppetry has the power to transport people to other worlds, in a way that live actors cannot.”

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“Puppetry has the power to transport people to other worlds, in a way that live actors cannot”

Additional Info

Ticketed events cost £6, reduced to £5 if you buy tickets for four shows or more.

Outdoor performances are free.