Snow White by Angel Heart Theatre

Snow White – The Return of Little Things was very well performed by Angel Heart founder James Richardson and Dave Oliver who, along with Lisa Green, also made the puppets and adapted the story from Grimm. Angel Heart are now in their tenth year and perhaps as a result of this long experience the performance was poised and clear, with unruffled and articulate storytelling that brought a familiar story to life with considerable freshness and clarity, plus just enough humour. The unhurried pace of the story-telling was well-judged; and enabled us to properly enjoy the detail and subtlety of the performance.

The action moved inventively between two small stages, occasionally (and literally) bridged by added extensions to the set, plus shadow-puppet interludes. Snow White herself, and the Evil Queen, along with a few of the other characters, were carved wooden table-top puppets. Other characters – the court flunkies and soldiers, for example, were formalised brass figures that helped create the atmosphere of a polished and soulless court; countering the green organic forms of the wild woodland and natural world that surrounded it.

The audience clearly enjoyed the performance, staying around to talk with the cast and being given the opportunity to look more closely at the puppets and the staging, and ask questions of the puppeteers. The Boo is a comfortable and friendly venue in Waterfoot, Rossendale, and most of the audience had already participated in a (free) Snow White themed workshop that had been on offer for an hour before the doors to the theatre opened. This is a popular feature of the Boo's family theatre programme, and along with the informal meet-the-company-and-puppets session it made for a very special afternoon. 

My own family loved the storytelling in Snow White and felt it was a memorable show.



 James Richardson, Dave Oliver, Lisa Green, Rachel Miller


'My own family loved the storytelling in Snow White and felt it was a memorable show.'

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