'My Life with Puppets' – Ronnie Le Drew

If you've watched television at any point during the last forty years or so, you'll know Ronnie Le Drew. From his infamous turn as Zippy from Rainbow, to various characters from Roger and the Rottentrolls, he has quite literally done it all. He presented his life work in this one-off show, engaging and inspiring audience members at the Little Angel Theatre where his career began some forty nine years before.

Ronnie Le Drew is without a doubt one of the most skilful marionettists in Britain today. His precision and dexterity are the outcome of a lifetime in puppetry, and are a pleasure to watch. He truly makes the puppets come alive – a statement overused in puppet theatre but very rarely deserved. Ronnie brought a selection of puppets with him and, whether they were marionettes, glove, or rod, manipulated them all with perfect ease and ability. The beauty of puppetry is the fanatic detail and he never misses a beat.

'My Life With Puppets' discussed some of his career highlights, including filming the credits for 'A Dandy in Aspic' at the Little Angel and featuring in the Henson film 'Labyrinth', not to mention the 'Muppets Christmas Carol' and 'Treasure Island'. He's known best for his years as Zippy, but he was also the man behind the loveable character Sweep from The Sooty Show. Surprisingly Ronnie has also been at work in The Mighty Boosh and the infamous Compare the Meerkat campaign.

Forty-nine years in the industry takes some summarising and the show ran over by about an hour. Fortunately, Ronnie's charming manner and interesting presentation meant the time flew by. His show was as endearing as it was inspiring, and his knowledge of puppetry astounding. If you get the opportunity to experience his talk, you should jump at the opportunity.


'My Life with Puppets'
Ronnie Le Drew
Little Angel Theatre


"Whether they were marionettes, glove or rod, Ronnie manipulated them with perfect ease and ability. The beauty of puppetry is the fanatic detail and he never misses a beat."

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