'The Lonely One' - Dotted Line Theatre

The Lonely One is an intense tale, expertly told. The audience enters the Little Angel Theatre to find four motionless actors and a stage set with beautiful little white houses, exquisitely crafted from cardboard boxes. Lights are on in some of the tiny windows, although the darkness around them adds a subtle menace to the scene. The lighting and soundtrack combine to create the atmosphere of a hot and humid evening in the American mid west.

The cardboard houses open to reveal tiny silhouettes of neighbours in rocking chairs, smoking cigars with beautifully animated smoke puffing out. We’re taken from the safety of the sleepy suburban streets to the drug store, the cinema and finally we meet Lavinia – the main character. She’s alone, negotiating the steps  into a dark ravine. The atmosphere intensifies as she walks the steep path down, down…

We are in the hands of master storytellers. The four performers share the tale seamlessly and convincingly as they lead us from scene to scene with the barest of props. Light and shadows cleverly become fireflies, street lights and the flickering of a cinema's projector. The attention to detail in the shadow puppetry and light manipulation throughout was compelling, adding a darkly poetic element to the show.



The Lonely One is based on an excerpt from Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. 
Adapted for stage by Rachel Warr. 
Rachel Warr is Associate Artist at Little Angel Theatre, London.


"The Lonely One is an intense tale, expertly told."

Additional Info

'The Lonely One' plays at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - from 2nd to 26th August at Underbelly.