'Missing' – Gecko Theatre | London International Mime Festival

31. January 2014 EJ Stedman

A beautiful dance piece that evolves into something more obscure, this mime fest show features a show-stealing bunraku puppet.

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'What's Become of You?' – Compagnie 111 | London International Mime Festival

30. January 2014 Helen Babbs

Raw dance, vivid shadow-play and a flamenco dress with a mind of its own combine in this intimate portrait of an artist.

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'Jim Henson, the Biography' – Brian Jay Jones

28. January 2014 Penny Francis

Offering us the life story of one of puppetry's greats, this biography explores the inner workings and outer achievements of a man with a huge heart and an enduring legacy.

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'Apocrifu' – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

25. January 2014 Song Jungmin

Dance, object play and music combine in a spiritually enticing but ideologically troubling performance.

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'Finding Joy' – Vamos Theatre | London International Mime Festival

24. January 2014 Helen Jauregui

A moving piece of full mask theatre, exploring the impact of dementia on grandmother and grandson.

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'Forget Me Not' – Compagnie Philippe Genty | London International Mime Festival

17. January 2014 Nigel Luck

A visually inventive show, exploring the nature of memory and relationships through unusual dance, mask and puppetry.

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'Vortex' – Company Non Nova | London International Mime Festival

11. January 2014 Katharine Kavanagh

Experiments with wind and plastic delight and disturb in this Mime Festival show.

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Wael Shawky – Serpentine Gallery

2. January 2014 Helen Jauregui

This unusual exhibition of artwork and films explores religious fundamentalism, and features hundreds of intricate marionettes.

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