‘Drifters’ – Strange Arrangements

24. March 2013 EJ Stedman

An experimental. ambitious and wordless performance that is as much dance, mime and symphony as it is puppet theatre, and is an example of interdisciplinary theatre at its best.

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'The Engineer's Thumb' – Dotted Line Theatre

21. March 2013 Celia Mendizabal

Based on a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this is an original and captivating adaptation that combines inventive, varied puppetry techniques, romantic horror and subtle humour to great effect.

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‘The Nose’ – Carnival of Objects

17. March 2013 Kristin Fredricksson

An energetic and exuberant performance, where a huge array of well-crafted puppets, animation and live music combine to tell Gogol's surreal story.

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'Killing Roger' – Sparkle and Dark

13. March 2013 Helen Jauregui

A 60-minute leap into the life of a housebound old man, which glitters with ethical dilemmas but retains plenty of room for superb dialogue and the odd joke.

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