'Talk to the Hand' - Nina Conti

25. May 2012 Jeremy Bidgood

Nina Conti and her simian alter-ego, Monk, are no newcomers to the UK comedy scene but they never fail to amaze and delight. Ventriloquists may be a rare phenomenon in the twenty-first century but even if they were as common as ‘man with microphone does observational humour’ Conti would undoubtedly still be one of the scene’s brightest stars.

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'The Odyssey' - The Paper Cinema

18. May 2012 Mark Whitaker

The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey proved to be one of the hot tickets of this year’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival (the night I went was sold out with a waiting list).

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'Swamp Juice' - Bunk Puppets

5. May 2012 Matt Jackson

Entering into Bunk Puppet's Swamp Juice set at the Soho Theatre, looked more like someone had hung their old toys to dry on a clothes line above, while the battered ones still laid lifeless below on the ground.

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