'Crazy Hair' – Bamboozle Theatre

7. April 2013 Helen Jauregui

Playful energy, various puppets and plenty of colourful props combine in this adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular picture book ‘Crazy Hair’.

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JEW(ish) – Eye Spy Arts

27. January 2013 Celia Mendizabal

A one-man show that explores the cultural heritage of the Jewish community using objects, toy theatre and cardboard boxes.

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'Letter's End' – Wolfe Bowart | London International Mime Festival

24. January 2013 Helen Jauregui

A fast-paced one man show that delivers a quirky bundle of puppetry, circus, film, magic and mayhem, and showcases the epic skill set of a Cirque du Soleil trained clown.

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‘Harlekin’ – Derevo | London International Mime Festival

16. January 2013 Leslie Burton

A puppet-master hangs up his toy performers and then stomps off. Is what comes after only in the minds of the puppets? This is visual theatre at its most maddening, haunting and virtuosic.

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