'Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby' – Movingstage

21. March 2015 Helen Babbs

A marionette performance for kids featuring the long-eared trickster.

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'Death Puppet Klezma Jam' – Mirth & Misery | Manipulate 2015

6. February 2015 Addya Panayiotou

Klezmer gig meets puppet show in this joyful and stylish short festival performance.

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'Red Riding Hood, and the Wolf who tried to eat her' – Movingstage

31. January 2015 Helen Babbs

A new version of the classic tale, this marionette production has atmosphere and depth.

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'Amortale' – Circus Ronaldo | London International Mime Festival

16. January 2015 Alexander Winfield

A gloriously chaotic production inspired by the fairground theatres that wandered Europe a hundred years ago.

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'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' – Puppet Theatre Barge

19. September 2014 Alexander Winfield

Scenes of subtle beauty and fabulous strangeness combine in a fine marionette production for adults.

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'The Red Balloon' – String Theatre

3. April 2014 Alexander Winfield

As romantic as it is traditional, this delightful marionette production has a gentle, bittersweet charm.

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