'The Man Who Planted Trees' – Puppet State Theatre Company

23. August 2013 Helen Babbs

Using a modest mix of live action, glove and tabletop puppetry, two master storytellers transport us to the dusty, windswept home of a shepherd with a tree planting habit.

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'Birdhouse' – Jammy Voo | Edinburgh 2013

20. August 2013 Darren East

Clowning, physical theatre and delightful hand puppetry combine to tell the story of the minor characters from Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

1. May 2013 Helen Jauregui

A feel good comedy show featuring space travel and Scottish rock, delivered with aplomb by a pair of grey woolly socks in a tartan booth.

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'Nice' – Folded Feather

28. April 2013 Helen Jauregui

A menagerie of puppets feature during this bizarre adventure down the pipe of a fantastical machine, including a life size whacky professor and a little girl carved from smooth wood.

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'My Life with Puppets' – Ronnie Le Drew

26. April 2013 EJ Stedman

If you've watched television at any point during the last forty years or so, you'll know Ronnie Le Drew. From his infamous turn as Zippy from Rainbow, to various characters from Roger and the Rottentrolls, he has quite literally done it all.

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'Noggin the Nog' – Third Party Productions

13. April 2013 Helen Jauregui

A reimagining of a classic TV series aimed at families, this production mixes live action, rod and glove puppetry and animation to create the weird and wonderful Land of Nog.

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'Crazy Hair' – Bamboozle Theatre

7. April 2013 Helen Jauregui

Playful energy, various puppets and plenty of colourful props combine in this adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular picture book ‘Crazy Hair’.

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'There's a Monster in my Piano' – Garlic Theatre

16. February 2013 Helen Jauregui

A 45 minute frolic where jazz and comedy meet pure fun, ‘There’s a Monster in my Piano’ uses animation, hand and glove puppetry to charm its young audience.

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