'4 X 4 Ephemeral Architectures' – Gandini Juggling

30. April 2015 Celia Mendizabal

Ballet, circus and object theatre combine in this witty and often mesmerising production.

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'Noodles' – NoFit State Circus | London International Mime Festival

27. January 2015 Celia Mendizabal

A fast paced and feel good performance where strings of pasta take centre stage.

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'Tatterdemalion' – Flabbergast Theatre

17. January 2015 Helen Babbs

A one man, wordless comedy sketch show from the makers of Boris & Sergey.

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'The Greatest Liar in All the World' – Familia de la Noche

18. November 2014 Helen Babbs

A dark comic riff on the Pinocchio story with some surprisingly poignant parts.

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'Dead Dog in a Suitcase' – Kneehigh

4. September 2014 Cariad Astles

A fabulously macabre show based on the 'Beggar's Opera', featuring puppetry and acrobatics.

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'Leviathan' – Living Structures

17. July 2014 Alexander Winfield

Physical theatre inspired by Melville’s 'Moby Dick' featuring puppetry, circus, live music and spoken word.

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'Apocrifu' – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

25. January 2014 Song Jungmin

Dance, object play and music combine in a spiritually enticing but ideologically troubling performance.

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'The Light Princess' – National Theatre

10. November 2013 Helen Jauregui

A grown-up panto boasting aerial effects, fantasy puppets and memorable songs.

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