'Swanhunter' – Opera North and The Wrong Crowd

9. April 2015 Penny Francis

A dreamy opera for young people, featuring arresting puppetry and magical lighting.

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'Constellations' – Aracaladanza

4. April 2015 Alexander Winfield

A riotous and remarkable celebration of colour and wonder inspired by the work of Miró.

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'Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby' – Movingstage

21. March 2015 Helen Babbs

A marionette performance for kids featuring the long-eared trickster.

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'The Possible Impossible House' – Forced Entertainment

18. December 2014 Helen Babbs

Sheets of cardboard, simple projections and homemade sound effects combine in this show for kids.

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'Jabberwocky' – Little Angel Theatre

18. December 2014 Alexander Winfield

A strange and daring show for children, bravely and brilliantly tackling Lewis Carroll's odd poem.

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Ed Fringe 2014 | 'Dr Longitude's Imaginary Menagerie' – Les Enfants Terribles

11. August 2014 Beth Crane

A camp, ridiculous romp through a zoo-full of fictional creatures and their peculiar keepers.

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'Clouds' – Aracaladanza

28. July 2014 Alexander Winfield

Family friendly dance show inspired by the surreal paintings of Magritte, featuring joyful object and shadow work.

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'Fireside Tales with Granddad' – Pickled Image

6. July 2014 Helen Jauregui

Pickled Image's signature style puppets deliver a family friendly, homely sort of a show.

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