'Bastard!' – DudaPaiva Company | Suspense 2013

2. November 2013 Nigel Luck

Great puppet theatre meets great physical theatre, and existentialism, in this solo piece featuring large foam puppets.

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'Munch and Van Gogh' – Ulkrika Quade Company

31. August 2013 Helen Jauregui

Fine art, fame and talk show absurdity combine beautifully in a unique homage to two great, dead artists.

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'HAG' – The Wrong Crowd | Edinburgh 2013

18. August 2013 Darren East

A stunning full body puppet is the highlight of this promising but flawed delve into Slavic myth and horror.

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'The Girl With No Heart' – Sparkle and Dark

20. April 2013 Kristin Fredricksson

A powerful piece inspired by child victims’ accounts of the atomic bombings in Japan at the end of the Second World War, using shadows, masks on hands, half-body puppets with human legs and paper cranes of all sizes.

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