'Beauty and the Beast' – Norwich Puppet Theatre

17. January 2015 Kelly Page

A classic tale is given a new lease of life in this magical puppet production.

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‘Institute’ – Gecko | London International Mime Festival

17. January 2015 Catherine Alexander

An exisquite dance piece with dynamic puppetry that explores the doctor/patient divide.

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'Amortale' – Circus Ronaldo | London International Mime Festival

16. January 2015 Alexander Winfield

A gloriously chaotic production inspired by the fairground theatres that wandered Europe a hundred years ago.

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'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King' – Unicorn Theatre

28. December 2014 Celia Mendizabal

A charming and inventive production that treats its young audience with respect.

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'The Possible Impossible House' – Forced Entertainment

18. December 2014 Helen Babbs

Sheets of cardboard, simple projections and homemade sound effects combine in this show for kids.

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'Jabberwocky' – Little Angel Theatre

18. December 2014 Alexander Winfield

A strange and daring show for children, bravely and brilliantly tackling Lewis Carroll's odd poem.

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‘Golem’ – 1927

16. December 2014 Helen Babbs

What the geniuses behind the ‘The Animals and Children Took to the Streets’ did next.

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'Antarctica' - Little Bulb Theatre

9. December 2014 Penny Francis

A fresh, funny and inventive piece of visual-physical-puppet theatre for kids.

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