'Wolf's Child' – Wild Works

20. May 2015 Sian Kidd

A beguiling immersive performance with puppets that formed the focal point of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival this year.

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'4 X 4 Ephemeral Architectures' – Gandini Juggling

30. April 2015 Celia Mendizabal

Ballet, circus and object theatre combine in this witty and often mesmerising production.

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'The Paper Dolls' – Little Angel & Polka Theatre

25. April 2015 Catherine Alexander

Featuring simple and imaginative storytelling, this engaging puppet play brings Julia Donaldson's book to life.

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'Alice's Adventures Underground' – Les Enfants Terrible

21. April 2015 Sian Kidd

This immersive, promenade performance is an ambitious invitation to dive right into Lewis Carroll's disorientating world.

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'Lysistrata' – Theatrical Niche

18. April 2015 Alexander Winfield

Rod puppetry, mask and dreaded trouser tents all feature in this tireless version of Aristophanes' play.

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'Swanhunter' – Opera North and The Wrong Crowd

9. April 2015 Penny Francis

A dreamy opera for young people, featuring arresting puppetry and magical lighting.

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'Constellations' – Aracaladanza

4. April 2015 Alexander Winfield

A riotous and remarkable celebration of colour and wonder inspired by the work of Miró.

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'The Wanted 18' – Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan

24. March 2015 Helen Babbs

Engaging documentary blends live action and stop motion to tell the true tale of Palestine's most wanted.

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