'Cloud Man' - Ailie Cohen | Edinburgh 2012

14. August 2012 Eleanor Margolies

This delicate production is thoughtful, beautifully designed and structured. It invites the audience to pay attention to familiar things and find magic there.

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'The Flycycle and Submercycle' - Pif-Paf

14. July 2012 Zelda Hannay

These are two madcap cycle contraptions that showcase Pif-Paf’s wonderful ability to create beautiful but functional objects around which a theatrical world can revolve.

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‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ - threesixty

9. July 2012 Jeremy Bidgood

As Hollywood’s inexorably saccharine skirmishes with the Narnia series have shown, it’s easy to get adaptations wrong. Fortunately there’s enough in Rupert Gould’s production to entertain old and young.

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'Crow' - Handspring Puppet Company UK

21. June 2012 Jeremy Bidgood

In front of a placental like projection, a scrawny, new-born crow struggles to its feet atop a mound of earth. It slowly gains control of its extremities as more puppeteers come to its aid

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'Something Very Far Away' - Unicorn Theatre

6. June 2012 Penny Francis

Brecht believed in the suppression of dishonest illusion and the involvement of the spectators in performance. He was part of a zeitgeist which brought the puppeteers onto the stage in an attempt to denude the puppets of their ‘magic’ life, to show the mechanics of their artificiality.

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'Talk to the Hand' - Nina Conti

25. May 2012 Jeremy Bidgood

Nina Conti and her simian alter-ego, Monk, are no newcomers to the UK comedy scene but they never fail to amaze and delight. Ventriloquists may be a rare phenomenon in the twenty-first century but even if they were as common as ‘man with microphone does observational humour’ Conti would undoubtedly still be one of the scene’s brightest stars.

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'The Odyssey' - The Paper Cinema

18. May 2012 Mark Whitaker

The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey proved to be one of the hot tickets of this year’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival (the night I went was sold out with a waiting list).

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'Swamp Juice' - Bunk Puppets

5. May 2012 Matt Jackson

Entering into Bunk Puppet's Swamp Juice set at the Soho Theatre, looked more like someone had hung their old toys to dry on a clothes line above, while the battered ones still laid lifeless below on the ground.

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