'Headcase' – Touched Theatre

14. July 2013 EJ Stedman

An affecting performance blending puppetry and contemporary dance, 'Headcase' tackles mental health issues with honesty and humour.

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'Bank On It' – Theatre-Rites

27. June 2013 Song Jungmin

An immersive piece of theatre for kids, this production uses puppets and objects to tackle financial and environmental issues.

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‘Princess Mononoke’ – Whole Hog Theatre

19. June 2013 Helen Babbs

An epic tale told with ambition and enthusiasm, this adaption of a cult anime film features huge wild beasts brought to life with energetic puppetry.

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'Saints Alive' – Michael Landy

12. June 2013 Song Jungmin

Amusing automatons made of rusting junk and found objects see tortured Christian saints re-imagined and made interactive.

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'Avenue Q – The Musical'

2. June 2013

An untamed musical featuring an array of cheeky muppet-style hand puppets - the West End hit goes on tour.

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'Fish Pie' - Colossal Crumbs

31. May 2013 Ellen de Vries

Inventive shifts in scale and a menagerie of colourful characters combine in this endearing production.

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'The Shop of Little Horrors' – Pickled Image

29. May 2013 Helen Jauregui

A ventriloquist's workshop strewn with puppet parts provides the macabre setting for this dark comic horror.

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'The Trench' – Les Enfants Terribles

28. May 2013 Helen Jauregui

A claustrophobic depiction of life in the trenches, where large rod puppets and shadow animation help to create an unearthly atmosphere.

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