'Opus No.7' – Dmitry Krymov

5. June 2014 Song Jungmin

Densely packed with potent symbols, this atmospheric two part work is a meditation on twentieth century Russia.

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'Invisible Giant' – Feral Theatre

29. May 2014 Darren East

An ambitious, if rather raw, piece of theatre for kids presented at this year's Brighton Fringe.

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'Skitterbang Island' – Polka Theatre and Little Angel Theatre

30. April 2014 Alexander Winfield

An opera aimed squarely at children, this entrancing show features a show stealing puppet star and a finely realised set.

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'Rubbish' – Theatre Rites

17. April 2014 Song Jungmin

A visually accomplished piece of children's theatre that uses puppetry to bring some rather attractive discarded objects to life.

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'Shakespeare: The Puppet Show' – The Puppet Story

15. April 2014 Beth Crane

Engaging and educational family theatre that uses a variety of puppetry techniques to celebrate Shakespeare.

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'The Frog and the Princess' – Norwich Puppet Theatre

9. April 2014 Isobel Smith

Ingenuity and wit shine through in this accomplished puppet show for young audiences.

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'The Red Balloon' – String Theatre

3. April 2014 Alexander Winfield

As romantic as it is traditional, this delightful marionette production has a gentle, bittersweet charm.

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'At the End of Everything Else' – Unicorn Theatre

1. April 2014 Penny Francis

A bicycle powered production for over eights featuring small scale puppets and live animation.

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