The Four Seasons

24. March 2018 Penny Francis

Penny Francis goes to see The Four Seasons, A Re-imagining at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre, London with puppetry by Gyre & Gimble. 

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The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon Theatre Alibi

18. March 2018 Addya Panayiotou

Our reviewer Addya went to see The Boy who Climbed into the Moon at Norwich Playhouse 

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Pinocchio at The National Theatre

29. January 2018 Penny Francis

Penny Francis headed to the National Theatre to see this latest version of the boy with no strings. 

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The Little Match Girl at Bristol Old Vic

2. January 2018 Catherine Alexander

As The Little Match Girl journied to Bristol Old Vic this winter one of our Animations reviews, Catherine Alexander headed to go and see it too. 

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The Tin Drum by Kneehigh

17. December 2017 Catherine Alexander

Catherine Alexander goes to Shoreditch Town Hall to see Kneehigh's The Tin Drum for Animations Online. 

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Snow White by Angel Heart Theatre

16. December 2017 Bob Frith

Our Animations Online reviewer Bob Frith heads to The Boo ahead of Christmas for a show with his family. 

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Punched Puppet Cabaret

5. December 2017 Alicia Britt

Our current PCT resident Alicia Britt went to see Punched Puppet Cabaret in Brighton. 

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The Terrible Infants

10. October 2017 Penny Francis & Lesley Butler

Penny Francis goes to see the latest Les Enfants Terribles show at Wilton’s Music Hall.

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