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After an organisational review and consultation within the sector in early 2014 we are now creating a new programme and strategy to help champion puppetry, strengthening its infrastructure, and provide exceptional development opportunities for puppeteers.

Our vision is for the puppetry sector to be thriving: well resourced, with excellent training, growing audiences, good networks, supportive venues, critical debate, artistic stimulation, cross-art form and commercial opportunities.  We plan to take a collaborative lead in making this a reality.  Here is an outline of the some of the activities we are completed in 2015, and are planning to undertake during 2016. 


The most consistent request we received during our consultation was for Puppet Centre to take a lead to promote and advocate for puppetry as an important sector and contemporary art form.  

Puppet Centre will raise the profile of puppetry with stakeholders including funders, arts development bodies, educational establishments, venues, and promoters. We will create opportunities through brokering international and cross-arts partnerships and prospects within the creative industries as well as raising public awareness of puppetry as a dynamic and innovative art form.

Our plans include setting up and acting as a spokesperson at meeting and conferences, and facilitating conversations with stakeholders regionally, nationally and internationally.  We will make links with international artists and keep abreast of contemporary practice.  We are exploring options to deliver specific profile raising projects such as puppetry awards and we plan to work closely with key organisations on a cross sector profile raising communications strategy.

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Madam Butterfly. Photograph (c) ENO/Thomas Bowles – puppetry by Blind Summit


Another important issue raised during our consultation was the need for better and more regular ways for puppeteers to make contact, share information, network, and learn from each other.   

Puppet Centre will stimulate and empower the sector by creating an interactive digital hub that enables peer to peer learning, introduction, inspiration, and collaboration.  We will provide focused networking opportunities for puppeteers and enable group consultation with stakeholders at strategic locations throughout England and provide opportunities for critical debate about puppetry.

This activity will include provision of networking evenings connected to puppetry performances at a range of locations in England and hosting regional meetings to debate issues and discuss opportunities. Puppet Centre will also host annual focus groups to redraw priorities for the coming year.

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Opera North and The Opera Group

The Firework Maker's Daughter co-produced by The Opera Group and Opera North in association with ROH2 and Watford Palace Theatre, photographer: Robert Workman


Puppet Centre will take a leading role in the development of a cohesive and comprehensive network of information for the sector, including puppetry events, companies, festivals, resources, and links to other organisations for information on performances and training. We are also planning to provide artistic information and guidelines for venues and producers employing puppet artists and managerial guidance for emerging companies on practical matters such as how to book a tour.

Animations Online, our e-magazine, that provides critical appraisal, articles and a blog will continue to be published regularly and our popular newsletter will come out monthly.  

Puppet Centre has an extensive library of puppetry related books housed in the library of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD).  Please see the link below for further details on how this can be accessed.

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All He Fears by Movingstage Marionette Company


Puppet Centre’s strategic programme of professional development activities will provide rigorous opportunities that challenge and stretch puppetry artists and offer exceptional opportunities not available within the sector. These will include:

Puppet Centre will also foster dialogue with and between arts educational institutions to encourage the ongoing development of further education and professional training in puppetry and provide opportunities for the sector to engage in debate and to work collaboratively to push the boundaries of puppetry in England.

Past Projects


Les Enfants Terribles

 The Trench by Les Enfants Terribles, photographer: Janica Honey